Nursing homes, residential care facilities, accommodation for the disabled, foster homes, group homes, day-care facilities for the physically and mentally disabled.

Auxilium helps people in need. Our person-focused approach is the starting point for all our initiatives and for the methodology we apply in offering our services.

Nursing Homes

Auxilium helps create a familiar environment for its nursing home residents. The elderly are offered personalised care according to customised nursing plans that seek to help them maintain or regain their independence. The main reason for staying in a nursing home is to improve the living standards of the elderly who are still actively involved in the life and activities of their community and the outside world.
Living in a nursing home is like living in a community. Each nursing home offers its residents and their families the chance to live out their retirement in tranquillity, prevent isolation and marginalisation and foster social integration.

Residential Care Facilities

Auxilium works in residential care facilities to provide around-the-clock nursing care to the elderly and disabled who suffer from chronic and degenerative diseases resulting in partial, total, temporary or permanent impairment. We offer social care and services that help clients both physically and mentally.
Auxilium is driven by its desire to safeguard and support the elderly’s fragile sense of self worth by fostering family relations and ensuring healthcare and assistance inside their residential facilities.

Group Homes for the Mentally Disabled

Since the start of its activities, Auxilium has worked in the management of rehabilitation facilities for the mentally disabled that offer a set of tailored and group services that address each client individually. These activities aim to improve the lives of the mentally disabled. Our person-focused approach means that we help each person learn how to carry out the everyday tasks that involve living with other people as well as working and dealing with interpersonal relationships and their families.
Group homes seek to help the mentally disabled overcome social stigmatisation by creating a long-term social system that caters to each aspect of human life. Our group homes are similar to workshops and help people by enabling both guests and staff to meet and work together to improve their lives through a never-ending and open process of creation.
All staff adopt an integrated approach that ensures that all the activities they carry out are coordinated and significant. On our staff are social workers, nurses, educators, psychiatric rehabilitation professionals and healthcare assistants.

Disability Day-Care Facilities

Auxilium manages day-care centres for physically and mentally disabled people whose main Auxilium manages daycare facilities for the physically and mentally disabled whose main objective is to improve clients’ quality of life and, at the same time, help their families. Auxilium offers high standard services that cater to clients’ needs for independence and social inclusion, thus preventing them from having to stay in psychiatric facilities, which usually results in their social marginalisation.
Our centres welcome all kinds of disabled people, including those suffering from psychic and sensory impairment that prevent them from being independent and make rehabilitation, as well as social and healthcare support a constant need. Each facility plans its activities according to its clients’ needs. All activities are open and supported by the local community and its resources.
Everyday life is mainly focussed on meeting basic needs as well as educational and rehabilitation activities that are carried out in various different, specific education and recreational areas: some areas host educational activates aimed at enhancing clients’ independence whereas others are used to foster socialisation and recreation. In other areas, clients’ can perform, play and develop their psychological and physical abilities. We also organise cultural and training events for all our clients.
All our activities are continuously supervised by the staff to ensure safety and hygiene (e.g. personal hygiene, food delivery and client transport).


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