Reception, protection, promotion and integration of immigrants and refugees.

These are the keywords that define Auxulium and its efforts as a social cooperative. Our mission is to look after people in real need. Since 2007 we have been working throughout Italy to make this possible by managing preliminary reception centres and refugee centres (such as CARA, CAT, CAS, SPRAR and CPR) and by taking care of each individual in every moment. We apply our person-focused approach to each and every activity we carry out in the welfare sector.
Seeking the humanity in each person and situation is what has allowed us to offer a new perspective on how immigrants are received by their host nations. We have created methodologies that have been publicly recognised as “best practices” and have been given special awards by international institutions and organisations such as the UNHCR, UNICEF, the Word Bank and the World Health Organisation.
Our reception centres are places that are open to everyone, where our highly professional staff work dynamically and transparently to help and accompany each individual in their pursuit of a better life.
We follow Pope Francis’ example in welcoming immigrants and promoting peace and brotherhood among all peoples. His teachings are what guide our everyday actions. Today, immigration is not a phenomenon that may be limited to a few specific areas of the world. It involves all continents and is becoming an increasingly significant issue for the whole planet. Some people venture outside their countries hoping to find a more gratifying job and better living conditions. However, many men, women, elderly people and children are often forced to flee their homes to save their lives and find safety and peace. This is why we have never thought about immigration to Italy as a temporary phenomenon or emergency, but rather as something that requires careful, professional planning. We therefore strive to ensure that reception processes are transparent, sustainable and, most importantly, based on a sense of humanity and solidarity.

Our reception centres provide all the services formally agreed on. However, we do go above and beyond them by enhancing and extending these services. We offer healthcare, psychological support, cultural mediation (interpreting and communication), legal counsel, food and cleaning services, Italian language training and religious support. All our services are integrated as we seek to cater to all the aspects of each individual’s life.
The approach adopted in Auxilium’s reception centres aims to generate long-term effects on two of immigrants’ fundamental needs: education and integration into the labour market.
In addition, addition, Auxilium promotes integration through courses, workshops, projects and sports- related programmes and public events that strive to involve the local community in order to raise awareness about immigration. All these activities are extremely creative and have involved thousands of people, associations, schools as well as public and private institutions over the years. They have also attracted the attention of the mass media, celebrities, intellectuals, ambassadors and foreign ministers.
“For a Better World” is the slogan that Auxilium has chosen to summarise its approach as a social cooperative.


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