We manage facilities for children that encourage their overall development. Moreover, we run foster homes and daycare facilities that help disadvantaged or distressed minors. The happiness of children and young people is the result of Auxilium’s honest and fair educational efforts.

Auxilium works with families to ensure that nurseries are welcoming places that foster and promote the overall growth of the children they look after.
The nursery staff apply a child-centred approach. All teaching activities are planned so as to ensure each child’s balanced and joyful development by taking into account each child’s specific idiosyncrasies.
Our main objective is to ensure that all the children in our nurseries grow up and develop in a balanced way. We do this by planning and providing them with a set of activities that cater to their emotional, social, cognitive and physical needs, which, in turn, make them independent people. We also seek to encourage learning through activities that stimulate the acquisition of new skills and reinforce their potential.

Foster Homes for Minors

Auxilium’s teaching staff work to help Italian minors, foreign unaccompanied minors as well as single mothers and their children who are experiencing marginalisation and social exclusion. Our educators ensure that they are welcomed, cared for, safeguarded and monitored.
We work in foster homes to offer qualified, overarching educational services that focus on each child’s needs.
Each team includes a psychologist and professional educators who plan tailored educational services by considering all possible and individual variables and, at the same time, guarantee equal treatment for all. All staff are trained to pay special attention to preventing difficulties and meeting children’s social expectations.

Day-Care Facilities for Minors

These facilities were envisioned to help children in need of additional learning support, education about living within the law or who lack the ability to establish social and emotional relationships. These facilities also seek to help children learn how to express themselves through sports, art and so forth. Auxilium not only aims to enhance these children’s school performance, creativity, independence and overall growth, it also seeks to instil social awareness by teaching civic engagement, awareness of what it means to be environmentally friendly and greater openness to cooperation and solidarity.


La Festa della Famiglia a Latronico per i bambini assistiti da Auxilium

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Una bellissima esperienza durata ben cinque settimane quella del campo estivo Aura Blu dedicato ai ragazzi e alle ragazze con autismo, che Auxilium segue con l’assistenza personalizzata durante l’anno scolastico a Matera. Cinque settimane emozionanti, rilassanti, piene di amicizia, di…

Diario di una settimana indimenticabile

I ragazzi delle case famiglia del Protettorato San Giuseppe sono stati in vacanza nella riserva naturale Monte Navegna e Monte Cervia, un’area naturale protetta in provincia di Rieti, al confine tra Lazio e Abruzzo.  Per i ragazzi è stata una…