Auxilum adopts a person-focused approach that caters to the specific needs of the elderly, ill or disabled by creating a highly skilled, trained network of professionals.

Auxilum has been working for many years to deliver person-focused care, which not only makes this a sustainable and cost-effective approach in terms of public expenditure but also guarantees patients’ wellbeing and sense of belonging to their own community.

Integrates Home Care Services

In collaboration with the Italian National Health System, Auxilium ensures that its clients receive long-term care and healthcare services in their home. This is a valid alternative to hospitalisation and caters to the needs of patients suffering from the multiple, chronic effects of their disease. Home care helps people dependent on care live in the comfort of their own homes. It is from this perspective that long-term care must be tackled and Auxilium is committed to continuing to train and deliver high quality services based on cutting-edge methodologies, processes and tools, helping reduce or avoid hospitalisation, improve patients’ quality of life and keep them safe.

Social Home Care

Social Home Care entails a coordinated set of services to support patients in various ways (personal care, house cleaning and management, handling administrative tasks and bureaucracy, psychological support) in their own homes. We cater to the needs of the elderly and disabled as well as to those suffering from chronic and degenerative illnesses who are partially, totally, temporally or permanently dependant on constant assistance from others. Auxilium’s social home care seeks to offer around-the-clock support in every area of life as well as in patients’ social relationships.