Auxilium is a Type A Social Cooperative that offers health-care and social-care services. Its driving principles are oriented towards the “common good” and pursuing “the general interest of the community and well as promoting the human and social integration of citizens”.

Auxilium provides many different types of services thanks to its members and stakeholders involved. This is the result of a long, complex process that started when the founding members decided to create a socially responsible cooperative, which also means pursuing social wellbeing by taking full responsibility for truly helping people in need.

Due to itsvalue system, Auxilium provides high standard services; creates and manages safe and trouble-free working environments; guarantees long-term working opportunities, as well as the human, cultural and professional growth of all its employees; fair and transparent activities and environmental protection. Auxilium was given an Excellence Award by the Ente di Certificazione Certiquality s.r.l. for its continuous commitment to offering these services.

Code of Ethics

Auxilium has created and implemented its own Code of Ethics underlying its everyday work. The code is based on the values, policies and managing regulations that make it an organised and sustainable business.
The core principle guiding all our economic activities is that they must be carried out in accordance with our social purpose, as has also been clearly explained in our mission statement. We strongly believe that competiveness, economic return and income cannot legitimise the work of a cooperative unless they are underpinned by sound, responsible social policies.