Auxilium has always considered its staff to be its main assets insofar as it assists in the success of the cooperative in whatever area it operates. All the services we offer are oriented towards people. Therefore, the customer-provider relationship is based on a deeply human bond. All professionals’ expertise and competences are directly linked to the type of service provided.

Auxilium has always considered the continuing professional training of its staff to be one of its a main assets since it strives to support and certify the work of the people who are an invaluable resource for the cooperative. Thanks to their ever-improving professional skills, they are an invaluable resource for the community they work in.
Auxilium is particularly interested in offering vocational training and continuing education courses, which are financially supported and organised by the cooperative on a regular basis. To this end, Auxilium cooperates with universities, certified vocational training organisations and experts in the field to maintain, enhance and develop its human capital.
Auxilium joined the Fondo Paritetico Interprofessionale (an Inter-Professional Training Fund) called Fon.Coop, which offers continuing vocational training to social cooperatives.