Being a social cooperative means that Auxilium has always worked according to principles and methodologies based on the modern management of health care and social care services, thereby guaranteeing organization that is streamlined, efficient and open to all stakeholders. Auxilium’s management system has been shaped by its mission and policy, which ensure its ongoing development and form the foundations of its working and cultural tradition.

Auxilium’s organisation and governance are based on the principles underpinning all social cooperatives. The working methodology of the cooperative depends on its many areas of application and competence as well as the active involvement of its staff.

The Organisational Structure

Auxilium’s administrative office, which manages and oversees operations, ensures that all activities are carried out in a fairly and in accordance with the law and regulations set forth in Italian law regarding social cooperatives with limited liability.

The structure of the organization is divided into: 1) administrative sections, which handle the administrative management of the cooperative and 2) operative sections, which manage the services offered.


Each section at Auxilium operates efficiently thanks to its highly trained staff. Below is a list of the main professionals working in the cooperative:

  • Doctors
  • Nurses
  • Health and Social Educators and Assistants
  • Physiotherapists and Rehab Therapists
  • Home Care Providers
  • Social Workers
  • Psychologists
  • Sociologists

  • Pedagogists
  • Educators
  • Social Entertainers
  • Auxiliary and Generic Workers
  • Legal Advisors
  • Interpreter and Mediators
  • Service Coordinators
  • Drivers
  • Administrative staff

Clients and partners

Auxilium provides services to the following public and private institutions on the basis of binding contracts and agreements:

  • Regions
  • Provinces
  • Municipalities and clusters of municipalities
  • National health care districts
  • Prefectures
  • The Ministry of the Interior
  • The Ministry of Labour

  • Governmental authorities
  • The European Union
  • Universities
  • Foundations
  • Private companies
  • Catholic institutions and bodies