Auxilium is a Type A Social Cooperative that manages and develops healthcare and social care services as well as educational programmes that seek to foster human development and social integration.

True to its vision of mutual cooperation and assistance, Auxilium offers innovative and integrated services thanks to ongoing research, development and training carried out along with universities, research centres and experts in the field. Auxilium seeks to enhance quality of life, focussing particularly on each individual and their unique qualities.

Auxilium’s staff members share the common belief that working together can effectively lead to personal and human growth as well as improve our way of dealing with and solving the most urgent issues of our time, namely unemployment, social inclusion, poverty and supporting sustainable development.

At the national level, Auxilium collaborates actively with the Italian General Association of Social Cooperatives (AGCI) and is involved internationally in the activities of CECOP- CICOPA Europe and the International Co-operative Alliance.

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