Always Seeing the Human Side is Our Mission.

Auxilium is a Type A Social Cooperative that manages and develops healthcare and social care services as well as educational programmes that seek to foster human development and social integration.

As a social cooperative, we have changed the face of health and social care in Italy by providing high quality services to the physically, mentally and socially disadvantaged. Since 1999, we have maintained at the highest professional standards to help people in need, by treating them with humanity.

What We Do

Residential or Semi-Residential Care

Nursing homes, residential care facilities, accommodation for the disabled, foster homes,
group homes, day-care facilities for the physically and mentally disabled.
Auxilium helps people in need. Our person-focused approach is the starting point for all our initiatives and for the methodology we apply in offering our services.

Person-Focused Care

Auxilum adopts a person-focused approach that caters to the specific needs of the elderly, ill or disabled by creating a highly skilled, trained network of professionals.

Primary Health Care and Hospital Services

Auxilium has long collaborated with some of the leading public and private hospitals renowned for their excellence in healthcare, including the Gruppo Ospedaliero San Donato and Fondazione Don Gnocchi.


We manage facilities for children that encourage their overall development. Moreover, we run foster homes and daycare facilities that help disadvantaged or distressed minors. The happiness of children and young people is the result of Auxilium’s honest and fair educational efforts.

Reception and Integration

Reception, protection, promotion and integration of immigrants and refugees.
These are the keywords that define Auxulium and its efforts as a social cooperative. Our mission is to look after people in real need.